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API Integration Survey

API Integration Survey

This survey provides a general guide for us to help determine the API integration that best suits you and your customer.

We'll do that by the identifying:

•    All parties involved
•    What you and your customer are looking to achieve with this connection
•    The platform you are looking to integrate with 3PL Central
•    Who will be doing the development work
•    Contact information for all parties

Upon completion of this survey, a ticket will be generated with the Integration team at 3PL Central. You'll also receive an email outlining the results of your survey. You can expect outreach from a specialist within 2–4 business days.

Please note, 3PL Central is NOT responsible for management of this project as a whole. Our role is to deploy connections. 
This question requires a valid email address.
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7. What type of connection are you looking to setup? *This question is required.
8. What type of API connection are you looking to set up? *This question is required.
8. Customer is running version 2.5 or higher of WooCommerce *This question is required.
8. Please let 3PL Central know if you’d like any of the following settings enabled or you can enable these settings in your Manage Connections page for the customer name ShipStation connection. *This question is required.
This question requires a valid number format.
8. Platform (what system are you integrating) *This question is required.