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University of Alaska Board of Regents Stakeholder Survey (consent)

Introduction and Consent


Your input is needed as the University of Alaska considers how best to serve its mission while its state funding is being cut. As ddd of the Board of Regents responsible for governing the university and for developing both short-term and long-term plans in response to the state’s unprecedented cut to the university’s budget, we are reaching out to a diverse mix of Alaska stakeholders – all with a stake in Alaska’s only public system of colleges and universities and our state’s future.

Data from the survey will  serve an important role in the Board’s consideration of how the university will continue meeting the state’s needs for higher education in a severely constrained financial environment. The Board plans to make decisions on university structure and programs in September – so we need your input now. 

Before turning to the survey, we first seek your informed and voluntary consent to participate in the survey.Your consent is needed because the results of the survey may be used in published articles.  University institutional review boards require this to ensure that you are properly informed before participating in the survey.  To protect your privacy, please note that your consent will be kept separate from your responses to the survey, which will not have any individual identifying information.  The survey is being administered through a double bottom-line organization that conducts stakeholder surveys, WayMark Analytics, with ties to a separate institution, Brandeis University, so that the results are independent of the University of Alaska.
Informed and Voluntary Consent

Your participation is voluntary:    We welcome your taking this survey, which is voluntary.  You may refuse to take part and you may choose to stop at any time.  You are being invited to complete the survey as an individual with an interest in the future of higher education in Alaska.  

This survey is being sent to all students, faculty, and staff, as well as alumni, media, societal leaders and others (including an open-access web portal), all led by the Board of Regents in order to reach a broad cross-section of stakeholders.

Your responses will be confidential:  The responses to this survey will be kept completely confidential. No individual responses will be identified.  Although your name and e-mail address are requested below to indicate your voluntary consent, this information will be stored separately from your survey responses in order to maintain confidentiality.  If there are any follow-up surveys, we will connect your responses to this survey with your subsequent responses, but the combined data set will still not have any identifying information.

Estimated time to complete:  It is estimated that this survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.  There is no compensation associated with taking the survey.

Benefits of the research:  The benefits of taking the survey are that it will inform strategic decisions on the future of higher education in Alaska.

Risks of participating:  This survey-based research poses minimal or no risk to participants – no greater risk than is associated with everyday work and leisure activities.

Additional uses of the data: It is possible that the data will be used in scholarly research. Any additional research involving the data will also maintain confidentiality and be conducted in consultation with the University of Alaska.

Questions: If you have questions, concerns, or complaints at any time about this research study, please feel free to contact Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, PhD, at Brandeis 781.736.3998 or Because Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld is on the faculty at Brandeis University, this research is subject to the Brandies Human Research Protection Program and you may also contact them by phone at (781) 736-8133 or via email at

Signature:  By including your name, e-mail address, and clicking the survey link included below, you consent to participate in this study. Do so only if you understand that…  
  1. Your participation is completely voluntary.
  2. You have the right to withdraw from taking the survey at any time.
  3. Individual responses will be kept confidential, including the outside survey provider storing the signature information below separately from the rest of your survey responses to ensure anonymity.
  4. It is expected that this research poses minimal or no risk to participants. 
This question requires a valid email address.
3. I have read this statement, I am 18 years old or older, and I agree to participate in this research *This question is required.