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Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Quiz: 312-50 Quiz 14

Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Quiz: 312-50 Quiz 14

1. Which one of the following actions is not prohibited by the CEH Code of Ethics?
2. What key is contained in the digital certificate presented by a web server?
3. Tina would like to find a Metasploit exploit that works with a software package she is targeting. What command could help her locate this module?

4. Frank is investigating a compromised system and discovers that the system has a malware variant called Cryptolocker installed. What term best describes this tool?

5. Krista would like to use nmap to create an XML output file. Which command line option should she use?

6. Tim is reviewing the risk of a flood in his organization’s data center. He determines that a flood would cause $2M in damage. What metric is this?
7. Cynthia is reviewing the results of network reconnaissance and determines that SNMP is running on the network. What was the first version of SNMP to introduce cryptographic security?
8. Vince is investigating an alert triggered by his intrusion prevention system and determines that the alert was incorrectly triggered. What type of event occurred?

9. Alan is performing a penetration test against an application that checks stock prices on a periodic basis by executing AWS Lambda functions written in Python. What type of infrastructure is this?

10. Hank’s organization allows employees to bring personally owned devices to the office and connect them to the network. What approach is the organization using?