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In 2019, humankind celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 and of the first human step on the Moon. A revival of interest for the exploration of the Moon is also observed in the major space faring nations.

In the frame of a partnership between the Moon Village Association and the World Space Week Association, a survey about Moon exploration was prepared, which will be released during World Space Week 2019.

The Moon Village is a concept which emerged a few years ago. It is an ensemble of global efforts (governmental, private and general public), aiming at exploring and using the Moon resources in a sustainable manner : a lunar Community on the surface and cis-lunar.

In it not a literal village or base on the Moon or a single science facility. All initiatives or missions concurring to the exploration of the Moon (including robotic probes) are part of the Moon Village.

The Moon Village Association (MVA) was created in June 2017, to foster the implementation of the Moon Village concept. Each individual or organization over the world can contribute to the Moon Village, in injecting ideas for new missions or future activities on the Moon, and in preparing these missions or activities.

As the Moon Village shall be a global venture, the aim of this survey is to test people all over the world about their interest for the Moon exploration, and for the Moon Village. The World Space Week (4-10 Octobre, 2019) is a unique opportunity to address the survey.
General questions
Your knowledge about Moon exploration:
Which humans did walk on the Moon ?
Did humans or robots bring back lunar samples ?
Is their a human base on the Moon
7. Q1 : In your opinion, going to the Moon is :
8. Q2 : Would you like sometime to go to the Moon ?
9. Q3 : You think that humans shall :
10. Q4 : Imagine that you are an astronaut, for which main reasons would you like to go to the Moon ?
12. Q6 : Are you interested by the Moon Village :