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2019 Member Community Leader Ballot

Vote for Your Member Community Leaders

AAPM&R hosted a self-nomination process for members seeking to be elected as chair of our Member Communities. Each Member Community must have 1 chair. Note that the Cancer Rehabilitation, Central Nervous System, and Pediatric Rehabilitation Member Communities were seeking additional volunteer leader positions. 

Please vote for a Member Community chair or other leadership position for any member community listed below where we received more than one nominee for a leadership position. Simply click on the member community to vote by September 12th. 
Cancer Rehabilitation Medicine: Vice Chair
2. Cancer Rehabilitation Medicine: Secretary
3. Interventional Pain: Chair 
4. Para/Adaptive Athletes and Sports: Chair
5. Pediatric Rehabilitation Education: Vice Chair
6. Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine Current Fellows/Combination Residents and Future Candidates: Chair
7. Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine Fellowship Program Directors: Chair
8. Physiatry Life Care Planners: Chair
9. Sports Medicine Current Fellows and Future Candidates: Chair