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2019 NISE Network Sun Earth Universe exhibition report

NISE Network Sun, Earth, Universe exhibition 2019 report

We hope the Sun, Earth, Universe exhibition continues to be a wonderful experience for your visitors to engage in Earth and space science.

Reporting requirements:
As an owner of the Sun, Earth, Universe exhibition, your institution is required to fill out a simple online report each year for up to five years after receiving the exhibition. We use this data to report to our funder, NASA.

This year's reporting deadline is February 24, 2020.
Please note that we are asking you to report information about your copy of the Sun, Earth, Universe exhibition for the 2019 calendar year (January 1 - December 31, 2019).

To complete the report, you will likely need to gather information from other staff at your own organization since this report includes questions on a range of topics including:  public programming, visitor attendance, and technical and maintenance issues. 

If you are sharing your copy of the exhibition with other organizations, you will need to get annual attendance data for calendar year 2019 from them as well.
Please note that it is not possible to save this form and return for additional edits. Also, forms left idle for an extended time risk losing information when you click "submit" at the end. Plan to complete the report in one session; the report WORD DOCX template can help you prepare answers before starting the online report. Finally, we strongly suggest that you cut and paste your answers from another document into this online report (this will avoid losing your responses in case of a timeout, and let you update your answers from year to year rather than starting from scratch each time).

If you have any questions, please contact Christina Leavell,