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IBM Watson Studio User Panel: Sign up form


Thank you for your interest in the Watson Studio User Panel. We're thrilled that you are here!

Participants in the user panel will receive surveys from the user research and product development teams. Participation is always voluntary and at your convenience. Your information will be kept confidential, and will only be used by the IBM Watson Studio development team for product development purposes.

Below are questions to help us understand your current use of Watson Studio. These will be used to send surveys that are most relevant to your experience. 

The questions should take 3–4 minutes to complete. Thank you!
1. Which of these options best describes your relationship with IBM? *This question is required.
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4. Approximately how many people work at your company or organization?
5. Approximately how many people in your company or organization use Watson Studio?
6. Approximately how long have you used Watson Studio?
7. Which of these best represents your use of Watson Studio?Please select all that apply.
8. Which version(s) of Watson Studio do you use?Please select all that apply.
9. Which Watson Studio plan do you use?
10. Which tools within Watson Studio do you use regularly?Please select all that apply.
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11. Which of these best describes your role when working with data in Watson Studio?
12. How many years have you been working in your current role?
13. Which, if any, of these tasks do you perform in your work with data? Please select all that apply.
14. What education do you believe has most prepared you for your current work with data? Please select all that apply.
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By participating in the Watson Studio User Panel, you agree to keep the contents of surveys confidential. You may be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement before viewing some materials. 

Thank you for your participation!