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Mentor Application


Potential Influential Mentor,

Fun fact: The roots of a 300 foot redwood tree are actually quite shallow reaching only about 5 feet deep.  In order to grow so tall, these trees intertwine roots to support each other.

Our Mission Statement: Mentors interact with school, community, and families in order to strengthen the support network for students facing adversity.

Today, many middle school students are involved in numerous part-time or seasonal activities.  Usually, these activities are disconnected, and often adults working with these students have a hard time overlapping teachable moments and learning experiences from one thing to the next.  Often students go home to families that are busy, or overwhelmed.

You may have heard of our growing opportunity gap within our school systems.  This achievement gap is both academic and social.  Some students have a support network, and their roots are intertwined; others are less connected and may have a more difficult time standing tall in the face of storms.  We hope to provide coaching support for students’ roots to grab onto so they can continue to grow upward.

We are looking for adults who are passionate about our next generation and have previous experience working with youth, currently work with youth, or are seeking a way to have an impact.  This program will bridge the gap between the other programs in which students are involved.

Our goal is to provide you with the resources needed so this commitment can be paired alongside your normal schedule.  We will work with you to make this work, so that it can work for the student.

If you volunteer for this program you will be:
-intentionally connected with a middle school student
-provided resources and training to reach this student in these gaps and make a difference
Your training role will be:
    -1 hour meeting once a month with your mentor coach and coaching group
Your mentoring role will be:
    -1 meeting per week with your student (potentially other check-ins)
    -Communication to school and family

Please contact Katie Imhoff-Smith with any questions.