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Beliefs and Practices in Polyamory 2019

Definitions & Demographics

This survey is collecting information about the beliefs and practices of polyamorous and consensually nonmonogamous people for an upcoming book. Some questions in this survey may feel personal or vulnerable. All data gathered is anonymous (unless you choose to give us your contact information). We will publish an aggregate analysis at, but individual responses will remain confidential. Please feel empowered to end the survey early at any time if you wish. We greatly appreciate your willingness to share this information with us to help us write a book that is useful and meaningful to you.

**NOTE** : if you're answering this survey during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the pandemic would change any of your answers, please answer based on your pre-pandemic behavior (pre-March 2020).

Thank you!
1. For you to say you are "in a relationship" with someone, your connection must: *This question is required.
Please use the definition of “in a relationship” you gave us when answering the rest of this survey.

We’re going to ask a few questions about your participation in consensual nonmonogamy. For the purposes of this survey, we’re going to be using the term “polyamory” to mean multiple concurrent relationships with separate individuals (using whatever definition you gave us prior), where all the people involved are aware and consenting to the presence of others. “Partners” are the people you have these relationships with. You may define these words differently, and that’s ok! We’ll ask you for your definitions in the survey.

There are some boxes throughout where if you want to explain any of your answers in more depth, you may optionally do so.
3. Do you engage in polyamory according to the above definition? *This question is required.
4. If “no”, have you done so in the past, and would also be open to doing so in the future? *This question is required.