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Is SHE ready to be part of an ahh-mazing team of girls who inspire and support each other?!

As you may already know, a substantial gender gap in engineering and computer occupations contributes to women’s overall underrepresentation in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). In 2016, women in the United States represented: 25.5% of computer and mathematical occupations; and 14.2% of architecture and engineering occupations.  For women of color, this gap is even wider. Asian and black women and Latinas made up slightly less than 10% of working scientists and engineers in the United States in 2015.

This needs to change.  STEM-related education and early exposure can substantially empower girls to achieve economic mobility and better life chances.  

This year, we are sponsoring an all-girl robot drone league team of six to eight girls, ages 9 -15 years old.  Each girl will receive a full scholarship to cover their program costs.  We hope this will encourage young girls to pursue education and eventually work in technology related fields.  

If you and your girl want to change the status quo, please complete the registration form below!

Made possible by SUPER people who lead change: Angela Striligas Baker, Brenda White Wright, Jeanette Blazier, M. Valentina Escobar Gonzalez, Denise Kennedy DePriest, Nikki Burdine, Paul Montgomery, and three unnamed donors.
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