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HEAT Loan Application

Welcome to the Mass Save HEAT Loan Application Portal

Get 0% interest financing for qualifying energy efficient improvements, including:
  • Heating Equipment
  • Hot Water Equipment
  • Windows & Insulation
  • Cooling Equipment
To be eligible:
  • You must have completed a Mass Save Home Energy Assessment
  • You must have either:
    • A residential electric account with Cape Light Compact or Unitil Electric, or
    • If you live in a municipal town, you must have a residential heating account with Eversource or Liberty (Municipal electric customers are not eligible to finance electric cooling measures)

Step 1: Before You Apply

Complete your HEAT Loan Intake Form provided at the time of your Mass Save Home Energy Assessment and obtain a contractor proposal(s) for the work you are interested in financing. You may need additional documentation depending on the measure(s) being financed. Refer back to the HEAT Loan page to view the checklist for each measure.

Step 2: Apply Online

Click the "NEXT" button to start your application upload.

Step 3: After You Apply

Your application will be reviewed and if approved, the HEAT Loan Program will provide you with an Authorization Form that you can bring to a participating lender. If approved by a lender, have your contractor complete the work within 90 days. Pay your contractor by signing over the two-party bank check and complete your verification inspection by calling your HEAT Loan Administrator.