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Montgomery College — Montgomery County, Maryland

Equity-Inclusion Designation Special Event

Special Event – Equity / Inclusion Designation
(Multicultural / Diversity)

  • Complete the whole application.
  • Submit application at least two weeks prior to event, if at all applicable.
  • Select category below to forward application to appropriate reviewer.
  • Upon review, approval or comments will be emailed to Contact Person indicated.  Authorization for one-time logo use affirms that participating in the event meets an employee’s annual multicultural/diversity requirement (Montgomery College Diversity Plan, A Multi-Year Action Plan, May 2009).
  • Certificate of Participation: Templates are available in Microsoft or online. Distribute at close of event!
Select ONE of the categories below:  
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What is the primary intent of the event?  
Short: 40-120 words. Clear, concise, easy-to-read, with compelling opening statement.
Learning Outcomes:  List 2-4 employee learning outcomes for this event.  
  • Begin each outcome with an action verb. 
  • Clearly state what employees gain from participating.
    Examples: (1) List major reasons…. 2) Describe factors…  (3) Define key terms…   4) Name people who...
  • Find support for writing learning outcomes:
MC events are often designed for students, with faculty-driven learning outcomes. However, if the topic is relevant to employees - and addresses equity and inclusion - ELITE wants to encourage their participation as Professional Development, so please list outcomes that reflect an employee-centric perspective. By the end of this event, participants will be able to…