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The Pulse of America - 2019/2020 Survey

Welcome to Pulse of America! A media usage and shopping survey.
As an incentive for your response we are offering $3,000!
No purchase necessary to enter. The official rules and regulations can be accessed at any time at the bottom of every page.

Pulse does not sell, lend, trade, barter your personal information. You will only be contacted if you are one of the prize winners.

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Thank you!

Important:  Please complete the survey in one sitting as you cannot save your place and come back to it later. 
To go backwards in the survey, use the "back" button located at the bottom, by the Next button. Clicking on your browser "back" button - will take you out of the survey. 
We do not support i.e. 9 or below due to security vulnerabilities. We recommend using the latest versions of  Chrome,  Firefox, or Internet Explorer.