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The New York City Department of Education

Charter School Mailings Removal Notice and Form

The NYC DOE currently shares the following information about you or your child to vendors hired to conduct promotional mailings for charter schools: mailing address, zip code, and grade level of your child. Vendors are not allowed to sell your information, give it to others, or use it for other purposes. Your information is never directly disclosed to a charter school or charter organization.

You have the right to refuse such promotional mailings. If you wish to receive these mailings, you do not need to do anything. If you do not wish to receive mail from vendors as described above, please fill out and submit the survey below. You may also complete a form in person at your school.

1. Please note: you will need your child’s unique student ID number (OSIS number) in order to complete this survey. If you do not know your child’s OSIS number, contact your school’s front office or parent coordinator for assistance.