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The New York City Department of Education

Charter School Promotional Mailing Notice and Opt-Out Form

The New York City Department of Education (DOE) ensures you have access to important information about City schools, including charter schools.

The DOE shares students’ names, parents’ names, mailing address, zip code, and grade level with a vendor named Vanguard. Vanguard then mails school information to families. Charter schools also use this vendor to mail promotional materials on their behalf. Vanguard is not permitted to sell the information, give it to others, or use it for any purpose other than for the charter school promotional mailings. Vanguard is prohibited from sharing this information with charter schools or charter school organizations. Your information is never directly disclosed to a charter school or charter organization.

How to Stop Receiving Charter School Promotional Mailings

If you wish to receive these mailings, you do not need to do anything. If you do not wish to receive charter school promotional mail, please fill out and submit the survey no later than October 31, 2022. If you miss this deadline, you can submit the survey by January 15, 2023 to stop receiving the mailings after March 2023. You will need to submit a survey for each of your children. If your child is age 18 or older, they must complete the survey or form themselves.

Please note: you will need your child’s unique student ID number (OSIS number) in order to complete this survey. If you do not know your child’s OSIS number, contact your school’s front office or parent coordinator for assistance. To find contact information for your child's school, use Find a School.