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NTN Texas | Planning Grant

Welcome | NTN Planning Grant

In a landmark move, the Texas legislature recently passed HB 3, which offers a financial incentive for engaging in school design and professional development with New Tech Network. In the Career and Technology Education section of HB 3, schools are entitled to supplemental funding if they have daily attendance in approved CTE courses. Campuses that are New Tech Network members qualify for an additional $50 per student allotment.

The purpose of this Planning Grant is to provide competitive grants to up to 10 applicants with an interest in improving student achievement and attainment by implementing the New Tech Network school model and innovative practices. New Tech Network’s comprehensive approach to school-based innovation through project-based learning and work-based education has a proven track record in Texas schools.

The New Tech Network Planning Grant provides schools or charters with:

  • Up to $3,000 for travel expenses
  • 6 months of access to NTN school design tools
  • Onsite School Design Academy Workshop
  • A school tour at an NTN Spotlight School 

Explore the New Tech Network design 

  • Visit an NTN Host Site: Visiting an NTN school is critical to understanding the dramatic shift in culture and instruction needed to successfully implement a New Tech school in your community.  These Executive Tours provide your team an opportunity to observe our veteran schools in action and to learn more about how they have implemented the New Tech design to achieve school-wide transformation.  Districts are invited to bring up to 5 participants and are encouraged to have representation from district and school leadership, and business/higher education partners. September/October 2019.

Visit New Tech Network Districts

El Paso Independent School District
El Paso, Texas 
Students: ~60,000 in 85 schools
Year Implemented: 2015
NTN Schools: 9, K-12
NT Teams: 4, PK-05

Comal Independent School District
New Braunfels, Texas 
Students: ~24,000 in 30 schools
Year Implemented: 2014
NTN Schools: 1, 9-12
NT Teams: 4, EE-08

  • Travel Scholarships Available: Districts who include the Superintendent, a Board member, and a Principal on Executive Tour visits to an approved Host Site are eligible to receive reimbursement of up to $3,000 for travel expenses.

  • Submit an NTN School Application- The first step in the process is to complete a School Application. This document highlights your community’s plans for developing community awareness, facilities, technology, staffing, and financial sustainability. NTN uses this application to develop a support plan that is tailored to the size of the school and design of the implementation plan.
Don't wait to apply! The NTN Planning Grant Application window closes September 16, 2019.