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Addison County Triangle Bike Loop Survey

Project Input

The Triangle Bike Loop Master Plan will set the stage to retrofit and create a dedicated bike loop that will connect Addison County’s three largest civic hubs of Middlebury, Bristol and Vergennes, while providing a safe and enjoyable rider experience, increasing connectivity between communities along the route (New Haven, Waltham, Weybridge), and establishing a sustainable and valued recreation resource. Please review the project website for a more detailed overview of the project and the potential routes being considered: 

Through this survey, we hope to draw upon the collective input of locals who are familiar with these roads to help determine the preferred bike routes, road upgrades, and additional enhancements needed to improve comfort levels for a wider range of people riding bikes. 

NOTE: Any level of participation in this survey is appreciated! When making selections for route options, some people may want to take the time to closely review the analysis provided on the project website while others may care to just draw upon their personal experiences on these roads. Even if you don’t have a strong preference for any particular route, we would appreciate hearing any comments you have! You can even skip the route questions and just answer the ones about Bicyclist Comfort and Driver Comfort.

While the survey can be completed on a mobile device (phone or tablet) the imagery will only display properly on a laptop or desktop computer. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Thank you in advance for your time and valuable feedback!