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Newsletter Winter 2019

NRPS Newsletter Submission Winter 2019

Thank you for your interest in submitting an article for the Nevada Recreation & Park Society Winter Newsletter 2019. We are looking for professional articles that appeal to all aspects of recreation including parks, athletics, inclusion, facilities, management, aquatics, safety and more. The deadline for submission is November 1st. 

Plan on downloading the article and pictures. Please proofread your articles before submitting and list who is in your pictures.

Thank you.
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2. Article Submission Topic. Please list title of article.  *This question is required.
3. Article:
Please paste the article into the space below. Please edit and proof the article before submitting. Make sure it sounds and looks professional and if needed, include citations. Changes may be made by the editor before publishing. If your article is not used in the current newsletter issue, it may be considered for future publications.
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Photos: 10 photos max [2 MB each]; each photo labeled to match description above.

1-5 digital photos may be submitted in .png, .jpg, .jpeg, and .ai picture formats.