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Guide Dog Camp Application


Southeastern Guide Dogs is committed to providing you with exceptional customer service as you navigate our application process. The information below will provide you with a clear understanding of our application process. Parents and Child are encouraged to fill out the application together as there may be questions in the application the child does not know the answers to. 

In order to qualify for this service, the applicant's child must:
-Be legally blind or have an eye condition that will lead to legal blindness
-Be between the ages of 14-17
-Be enrolled in or have completed Orientation and Mobility training
-Be physically fit and capable of handling a 60-90 pound dog
-Be maintaining passing grades in school
-Be a resident of the continental U.S.

Southeastern Guide Dogs provides this camp at NO COST, but you are responsible for your transportation to and from camp.

After Application:
We will contact you once we have processed your application. Once your application is processed we will be sending (via email) a few forms that will need to be filled out prior to attending camp. 

**Please note, the application could take up to 30 minutes. You may save the application at anytime and come back to it later by clicking at the top of any page and entering your email twice. You will then get an email with a link to return to that exact page and finish. You must have a valid email address to complete this application.