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CPDC Survey 2019-20

This survey is the final step to complete the 2019-2020 Career and Professional Development Certificate (CPDC).
Before taking this survey, please be sure that you have completed the following criteria.

1) Attend three workshops throughout the academic year. A full list of workshops can be found under the green “events” tab on our page. 

2) Create a resume and have it reviewed during our drop-in hours (formally called "FasTrak"). 

3) Set up a profile on Cal Poly Career Connections. Instructions for how to create your profile can be found by clicking the Career Connections icon in the My Apps section of your portal. You will include your URL in the survey (below) upon completion of all requirements.

4) Have a 1:1 appointment with a Career Counselor.

5) Participate in one of the following activities:
2. Academic year
9. As a result of participating in this program, has your level of confidence in your career path increased?
Rate your increased level of confidence.
13. As a result of the program, how would you rate the importance of having a professional network?
15. Rate your ability to create a resume BEFORE participating in this program.
16. Rate your ability to create a resume AFTER participating in this program.
17. I understand how my interests, skills, and/or values relate to my career.
18. Working with people with diverse perspectives and backgrounds enhances the work environment.
19. Please rate your satisfaction with your 1:1 career counseling appointment. 
20. How important is risking-taking and failure in building your skills and abilities?
22. How likely are you to recommend Cal Poly Career Services to a friend or colleague?