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Welcome to the Arival Industry Survey for Tours, Activities, Attractions & Experiences


We are Arival, an independent research and insights company for in-destination experiences.  Our goal is to advance our industry and provide valuable research to help you understand the trends and grow your business.

Why you should spend a few minutes to take this survey: We know you are busy, but this will be time well spent. By responding to this survey, you will help us  develop important analysis, which we will share with you. This analysis will help you benchmark your performance against your peers and plan for the future.  Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. In return for your time, we will

  • Share our full report with you (we will publish in early 2020)
  • Enter you into a drawing to attend any Arival conference of your choice in 2020
By the way, we believe you will find this survey very interesting. We ask stimulating questions about your business.

A few important things to know:

Confidentiality. Your responses are confidential. We will only report combined results. You do not have to enter any information which would enable us to identify you or your business. We will not share your data with any third party. Arival is not affiliated with any OTA (online travel agency). We are independent.

Provide your best estimates. Some questions ask for data. Please provide an estimate, and do not feel obliged to research the answer. Your best guess is fine.

You can pause and return to the survey. You can pause the survey and return to where you left off by using the save and continue later button in the top right of the survey.

Please only take the survey once. We’re working with several partners to help us reach as many operators as we can to respond to this survey. You may receive multiple email invitations. If so, we apologize and hope it’s not too annoying. Do it once, and then ignore!

Questions? Please email if you have any problems or questions.

Thank you for making the time to share your insights for this important survey. We promise it will be worth it!