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School Receivership - Public Feedback Form - Fall 2020


New York City schools utilize the Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) to emphasize the priorities and values outlined by Chancellor Richard Carranza. These priorities are aligned with school improvement efforts which strive to: Accelerate Learning and Instruction, Partner with Communities, Develop People, and Advance Equity Now. Rooted in these priorities, the CEP is the driver for school improvement and encourages parents, educators, school communities, and external stakeholders to work together to improve student achievement and increase learning opportunities. This feedback form is intended for you to develop recommendations for the improvement of the school which may be included the school’s CEP.

When providing your recommendations for improving the identified Struggling School, please respond in the spaces provided. General comments and recommendations may also be provided in #9 below.  Thank you. 
(Please provide your role/position in the text box below)