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CoalTech2051 - Delphi survey (Round II)

Dear Expert

Dear Expert, 

This survey is part of the EU-funded CoalTech2051 project ( The project aims to establish future research priorities for the RFCS Research Programme that are aligned with EU climate and energy policy.
The goal of this Delphi survey is to identify potential directions of future coal research and technology development in the EU during the energy transition.
Currently, this is the second round of the survey, in which the questionnaire is supplemented with opinions and recommendations provided by Experts during the first round.
The first section of the survey explores the rationale for conducting future coal R&D based on a STEEP analysis. We want to gain from you an understanding of where you think coal R&D offers the opportunity to add value.
In the second section, two theses are explored to help determine the general direction of future coal-related R&D.
In the third and final section, we seek from you, as an expert in your field, your opinions on ten technology topic areas.  You may pick and choose which ones to answer, but in all cases there are some specific R&D topics listed followed. We are particularly interested in knowing if you think the topic should be supported over the coming years.
 - Coal exploration
 - Coal extraction
 - Unconventional coal exploitation
 - Coal conversion and processing
 - Coal utilisation
 - Non-energy uses of coal
 - Carbon recycling and materials recovery
 - Health and safety
 - Environmental issues
 - Post-mining and asset repurposing
The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete and your responses are completely anonymous.
Also, you can get a certificate you have to provide your personal data to us and agree to the processing of your data. If you are interested please fill out the appropriate fields in the survey.
If you have any questions, please contact the coordinator of the project at  the Central Mining Institute in Poland – PhD Eng. Aleksandra Koteras:
Which type of institution or sector do work in:
Did you participate in the implementation of research projects related to coal?
how many projects?
How many years of experience you have?