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2019 UnidosUS Workforce Development Forum Call for Gallery Walk Proposals

UnidosUS invites Gallery Walk (Poster Session) proposal submissions for its 2019 Workforce Development Forum:

Latinos @ Work: Developing Talent for Today and Tomorrow.

About Forum

The UnidosUS Workforce Development Forum offers a platform for stakeholders from across the country to brainstorm and identify strategies for strengthening the Latino and immigrant workforce. This year’s Forum will provide a unique opportunity to discuss how we can prepare our community to access the jobs of today and thrive in the jobs of tomorrow.

The Forum will also provide an opportunity for thought leaders from across the business, government, and nonprofit sectors to network with and learn from each other, so that we can continue working to identify and implement solutions to the challenges faced by the Latino and immigrant workforce.

About the Gallery Walk

The Gallery Walk is an opportunity for practitioners to showcase successful program models and share best practices! Gallery Walk proposals are due by Friday, September 27th.

Selection Criteria

Preference will be given to posters that:
  • Are presented by program implementers.
  • Are suitable for both program administrators and implementers.
  • Have a technical assistance/capacity-building approach.
  • Provide concrete best practices/examples.
  • Are interactive and engage the audience.
Additional Information
  • The Gallery Walk (Poster Session) will be held during the reception (Thursday, November 19th between 4:30pm-6pm), with Forum attendees able to circulate the room at will.
  • Poster board, glue, tape, scissors, and markers will be made available at the Forum (presenters will not need to travel with a fully completed poster).
  • If presenters are interested in keeping the posters after the session, presenters are responsible for arranging shipping logistics.
  • Chosen proposals will be notified by Wednesday, October 9th.
  • Each presenter will need to register for the Forum. Presenters who do not register will be unable to participate.
Questions? Email Leanne Ryder at