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Request Information on Group Surveys

Thank you for your interest in the Compass Survey of Core Human Attributes  for groups.

We offer schools, teachers, nonprofits, and researchers the ability to use either the Youth Survey for Ages 10-17 or the Adult Survey for Ages 18 and over to measure eight core abilities – empathy, curiosity, sociability, resilience, self-awareness, integrity, resourcefulness, and creativity.

We partner with Alchemer, a highly reputable and secure data-collection platform to collect and analyze our survey data. By managing our surveys and billing electronically, we are able to minimize our administrative expenses and your costs. Our administrative fees vary depending on the size and complexity of your project, from as little as $75 to $1500+ for a larger group or more complex data reporting. During COVID, and until further notice, our Group Youth Survey is free to individual teachers who wish to use it as a classroom assignment. See our article about how to spark conversations about inner strengths in the classroom.

When you submit the following short questionnaire, we will send you additional information and provide an estimate for our services. The process is easy and straightforward. For either the Youth or Adult survey, we send a special link to the group organizer to provide to your survey-takers. Each survey taker gets a personal and confidential report by email, just as they would if they took an individual survey from the Roots of Action website. The group organizer receives a collective data report of the eight strengths with numerical measurements. This data can be compared from one year to the next or used as a pre- and post-test for a variety of program experiences.

A standard Youth report summarizes data by gender, grade level/age, and ethnicity. Custom reports can include data by geographic location, type of school attended, or questions your group would like included. A standard Adult report summarizes data by age categories, gender, and ethnicity.  Custom reports can  include data by geographic location, highest level of education, role with youth (i.e. parent, teacher, coach, etc.), and ages of children under 18. 

Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for information on how we protect the privacy of survey-takers, especially children, and the limitations of our liability.  

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