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2019-2020 Annual College Immunization Report


Every college and university with new undergraduate and graduate students is required to report the immunization status of enrolled students. This applies to all students except students residing off-campus and registering for any combination of:

  • Off-campus courses
  • Evening courses (classes beginning after 5 p.m.)
  • Weekend courses
  • No more than four traditional day credit hours in on-campus courses

If at any time the above student status changes to: on-campus courses, course load of more than four (4) credit hours, on-campus residence, and/or enrollment in day-time courses, a Certificate of Immunization or record of immunization must be presented on or before the date the person first registers for a quarter or semester.

Please complete the following survey to record the immunization status of new undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in your school. This report is due December 1, 2019.

The required survey takes approx. 15-30 minutes if the worksheet has been completed ahead of time. Please fill out that worksheet before starting this survey. To download the blank worksheet for this report, CLICK HERE. To download the instructions for this report, CLICK HERE. You must be connected to a printer if you want to print a copy of the report that you are submitting for your records. You will not be able to go back and access your report once it has been submitted. If you have any questions about the requirements in this report, please contact Nikki Barbour, Immunization Branch, at If you need any technical assistance while completing the survey, please contact Colleen Ehatt, Children & Youth Branch Data Manager at

Thank you.