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Oppose the Sales Tax on Food Increase!

Sign our petition and tell the Utah Legislature to oppose any increase in the Grocery Tax.

Increasing the Sales Tax on Food is a drastic and permanent change to Utah law and to family budgets. The Utah Legislature is looking to increase the Sales Tax on Food rate from 3 percent to 6.1 percent. Low-income families spend 34.1% of their budget (13.4% for middle-income families) on groceries, the annual additional cost is estimated at $172-$252 a year. The Sales Tax on Food is directly related to increases in food insecurity. Based on a 2016 Auburn University study, Utah's food insecurity rate would increase by 1.8 percent. Utah families need tax relief now, not once a year. Grocery taxes hurt the struggling seniors on fixed incomes, persons with disabilities, rural communities, and the working poor who live on the edge of poverty. For Utah, the Sales Tax on Food is not a math problem, it is a moral problem. We should not tax the essentials for living.

We oppose the increase in the Sales Tax on Food. 

We ask the Legislature to consider the impact on Utah families and find better revenue sources. 
1. Sign our petition and share it with your friends! 
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