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WTF? 2019 | Application

Will This Float? // Application

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Participation in Will This Float (An event put on by CO.LAB) does not constitute an assurance that presenting companies will find investors. CO.LAB does not participate in the selling of or solicitation of offers to purchase technology, rights, or securities. The Will This Float staff do not offer any opinion regarding applicable intellectual property or securities rights or laws. Participants in Will This Float should obtain legal advice and other professional counsel regarding applicable laws. Participants remain responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the presentation and any representations it makes to the conference. By participating in the conference, the presenting company represents and warrants to CO.LAB that the company owns or has adequate rights in any intellectual property that the company describes in its presentation, that such use or disclosure does not infringe on the rights of any other person or business, that the company or its principals are not violating a non-compete or non-disclosure agreement, and that the company is in compliance with all applicable securities laws. If any purchase, investment, collaboration, or technology transfer occurs as a direct or indirect result of Will This Float, it will be solely on the initiative and responsibility of the participating entities. Will This Float is a public forum, and presenters should anticipate that any information provided to participants in Will This Float will be made publicly available to the attendees of the event.