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Mayoral Service Recognition Interest Form

NYC Mayoral Service Recognition

The Mayoral Service Recognition is an opportunity for your organization to recognize your dedicated volunteers! You can nominate volunteers who have donated over 100 hours of service or more in 2019 to receive a personalized Mayoral Service Recognition Certificate. Furthermore, top volunteers may be invited- along with the Executive Directors/ Chief Executive Officer of their nominating organization- to attend a special ceremony hosted by the Mayor's Office in April 2020

Please note that the Mayoral Service Recognition works in coordination with our Annual NYC Volunteers Count Report. Confirmation of the recognition certificates is contingent upon your organization's submission of volunteer numbers to the Volunteers Count Report. 

Annual NYC Volunteers Count Report

NYC Service conducts an annual survey around volunteerism and service, providing an opportunity for your organization to document the number of unique volunteers who have served at your organization in 2019. Your volunteer numbers are critical to ensuring the City is able to capture the depth and breadth of ways residents come together to address key city priorities. In the public report, your agency or organization's name and total volunteer count will be shared in a citywide report distributed to community stakeholders such as elected officials, community- based organizations and City Commissioners.
Over 1 million New Yorkers volunteered last year! Check to see if your organization’s volunteers were included in the 2018 NYC Volunteers Count report.

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Annual NYC Volunteers Count Report
Mayoral Service Recognition