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At Pearson, we believe that learning is a life-changing opportunity and that education should have a measurable impact on learners’ lives. We not only hold ourselves accountable for the products we make — we also work closely with educators to learn from, document, and share their learner experiences and outcomes through case studies.

What are case studies?
Case studies document best practices implemented and results achieved, supported by Pearson digital solutions, towards desired learner outcomes. These studies provide an opportunity for the education community to share blueprints of best practices and modes of implementation using digital learning solutions. This in turn helps us improve our products. By partnering with us, you may positively influence educator colleagues and learners far beyond the bounds of your own campus. Search for studies by product, discipline, and more on Pearson’s Results Library at

Partnering with Pearson
Are you interested in gathering evidence on learner outcomes? Your results — and the best practices you used to achieve them — can be helpful and inspiring to your peers. We can help you gauge the impact that your implementation, taken holistically, is having on your students’ learning and course success.

The case study process
The process is easy. We’ll ask you to discuss your course/program with us by phone for 30 minutes. During the call, we’ll ask about your goals for implementation of the Pearson digital product and decide on a joint process for data analysis and student survey deployment. Once the interviews, data analysis, and surveys are complete, we’ll produce your case study draft and ask you to review. We’ll make any needed edits and then publish/promote your study. That’s it!
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