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CIVruta Application

CIVruta is a winner of the 2018-19 Lippman Kanfer Prize for its application of Jewish wisdom to support democracy and civic engagement. For the organizers, that means collaborating with diverse community partners to support a thriving multicultural society. We recognize that there are many ways to be civically active, including volunteering, movement-building, and political action among others; CIVruta is specifically designed for service on public boards and commissions.

We are pleased to make CIVruta available at no cost to all selected participants.

Application deadline: January 31, 2020

*** Please note: registrations received after January 31 will be placed on a waitlist and confirmed on a space-available basis. ***
1. If accepted, are you able to fully commit to the program, including attending the all-day training on February 20, 2020, from 8am to 5pm at the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center in Downtown Los Angeles? *This question is required.
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