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Design Climate Survey

Planning and Design for Climate Change in the Anthropocene

by International Landscape Collaborative (ILC) & Sasaki Associates

'Planning and Design for Climate Change' is a survey structured to understand the position of design and planning professionals towards the Anthropocene and reflect upon their role in addressing climate change. This is an initiative of the International Landscape Collaborative (ILC) to foster an important discussion around the agency of design and planning in shaping global efforts towards climate change mitigation and adaptation. The survey seeks to understand how professionals in the design and planning fields perceive climate change, reflect on their current roles in addressing climate change, and describe their aspirations in leading or supporting positive change. 

The survey will take upto 10 minutes, with the option to complete a brief version within 5 minutes. You may complete this survey on a computer or phone. Your responses will be anonymous and the results will only be represented in an aggregated manner.