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Los Angeles Artist Census

 * Since this survey has already been open for one month prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, we are asking that artists respond as they would have BEFORE the pandemic hit, changing many of our life situations.*

This information will serve as an invaluable tool for seeing how artists lived in LA County, leading up to this unprecedented moment, and will help us to measure and assess its effects on our community. 


The Los Angeles Artist Census is a data research project that will identify and map the needs of Los Angeles-based Visual Artists. This will help public and private funders to know where and how to allocate funding for local artists and will provide public officials with the data needed to support policies responding to artists' needs. It will also provide artists, art institutions, researchers, and the public with a clearer picture of what the 2020 Los Angeles artist community looks like, for years to come.

This survey was authored by local artists and contains questions pertaining to employment, healthcare, housing, and debt. We’ve also added a few extra questions in the end that ask how Covid-19 has effected your daily life. It takes between 15-20 minutes to complete the full survey and all information is anonymous.

This data will be made available to the public ASAP, so that we can use it as a resource for artist advocacy. 

If you have any questions, please email

Thank you for participating!