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2019 Ergo Ideas Bank

L&I Ergonomics Ideas Bank Survey

We’re interested in getting your input on L&I's Ergonomics Ideas Bank. Starting in November, the Ideas Bank will be down while we make improvements. We’d like the new version to work well for you, and so we’d like to learn more about how you currently use the Ideas Bank. Please take a few minutes to answer this short survey.
1. How often do you use the Ideas Bank?
2. What type of device do you typically use to access the Ideas Bank? Check all that apply.
3. How do you search the Ideas Bank? Check all that apply.
4. Do you share ideas that you find in the Ideas Bank with others?
If yes: How do you share ideas? Check all that apply.
5. Have you ever used an idea that you found in the Ideas Bank?
Thank you for your time. If you have any questions or additional input, please contact