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D49 Long Term Planning Feedback Survey

Voice of the Community: District Growth and Long-Range D49 Planning

D49 is growing quickly! In September of 2019 we extended an open invitation to our families, staff and community to join us for a series of discussions in which we explored the successes of the 3B MLO of 2016 and our Building Our Future Community Plan along with an interactive conversation about challenges facing our district when we consider serving our rapidly growing community. We now invite you to share your thoughts about planning for the road ahead. 

Please spend a few minutes completing the survey below. Your feedback will provide valuable insight as we look at addressing the current and future needs of D49 as we live up to our commitment to be the Best Choice to Learn, Work and Lead. 
1. In which of the D49 Zones do you live, or identify with most?
2. What is your relationship to D49?
3. Tell us what school level describes your students?
4. After watching the video of the September 10 Community Meeting and reviewing the presentation included on this page, do you feel adequately informed about D49 performance and situation to discuss future planning?
6. What do you think is the GREATER PRIORITY for planning?
7. What do you think is the GREATER PRIORITY for planning?
8. Which would you prefer?
9. What is more important to you personally?