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Survey on Academic Library Investments in Digital Scholarly Communications


This survey, developed in the Andrew W. Mellon-funded "Mapping the Scholarly Communication Infrastructure" project (Middlebury, 2018-2019), assesses library investments in Scholarly Communications Resources (SCR's) - tools, services, and systems. It is intended to provide a baseline and broad view of where academic libraries financially invest in scholarly communications infrastructures today.

Each institutional respondent will receive a results dashboard for their own entry, as well as benchmarking against the aggregate baseline data. We anticipate that this information will help to inform our extended scholarly communications system about where and how funding currently circulates and what it supports.

We expect this survey to take approximately 30-60 minutes to complete, including the time spent researching and/or asking questions of other members of your library staff. A PDF of the survey can be found at It will provide you with a list of information that you may want to collect before beginning the survey. The survey will be open through January 24th, 2020.

Data Privacy

Individual and aggregate data documents shared by respondents will only be used for the following purposes and under the following circumstances:

  1. Analysis by the “Mapping the Scholarly Infrastructure” project team ( 
  2. Delivery to the respondent of their own SCR Investments data output (including a dashboard view of that data)
  3. Aggregated data will be analyzed, reported on, and offered as an open, anonymized dataset for reuse (no individual institution’s data will be identifiable)
  4. Names of all responding institutions will be collated and included with the dataset; individual respondent names will not be shared
  5. All data will be shared with the original developer of this survey, the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) ( CARL has agreed to abide by the other data privacy policies described above. 

As per our data policies, we will not share your responses with any other group without your explicit, written permission.

This survey instrument is based heavily on the 2019 Survey on Canadian Academic Library Investments in “Open” developed by Kathleen Shearer, Lise Brin, and a CARL working group and produced by CARL. It has been adapted to gather data about scholarly communication resource investments by Katherine Skinner, Nathan Brown, Mike Roy, Brianna Morrow, and David Lewis. We are grateful to all those who contributed to and helped to improve this survey.

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