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Registration: India LGBT+ Inclusion Pre-Index Assessment


Thank you for your interest in participating in the India LGBT+ Inclusion Pre-Index Assessment – administered by Community Business.
As we pave the way for the introduction of India’s first LGBT+ Inclusion Index, we are working to prepare companies - offering the opportunity for a one-to-one Pre-Index Assessment.

With the recent launch of our comprehensive resource; LGBT+ Inclusion in India – The Definitive Guide we have compiled a robust set of recommendations for the corporate sector. Companies of all sizes and from different industries are encouraged to review them and consider how they can apply in their own organisations. 

These recommendations intentionally pave the way for Community Business’ introduction of an India LGBT+ Inclusion Index – including a public ranking of companies, when the market is ready.  In Hong Kong, we have found the introduction of our highly acclaimed Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Index to a be a game changer when it comes to driving the adoption of best practice.

Recognising that much work still needs to be done on this topic in India, we are working in partnership to set companies up for success.  We are providing the opportunity for companies to conduct a self-assessment - reviewing their performance in line with our recommendations and providing a valuable follow up report and debrief strategy session.

We are encouraging all companies committed to LGBT+ inclusion to take part.   
Why Participate in a Pre-Index Assessment
Here are 5 reasons why you should participate in our LGBT+ Inclusion in India Pre-Index Assessment:
  1. Leverage a robust framework to understand and assess extent to which your company is adopting LGBT+ inclusion best practice
  2. Engage key stakeholders in your company to ensure joint commitment to your LGBT+ Inclusion strategy.
  3. Identify areas for improvement and build a roadmap for the way forward.
  4. Get expert and customized advice from Community Business, the established leading LGBT+ experts in Asia.
  5. Prepare your company and set yourselves up for success for participation in a future public Indexing exercise

Ways To Participate 
There are 3 ways to participate in the Pre-Index Assessment, with different levels of consultancy and strategic advice provided:

Output - What You Will Receive
Once you have completed your assessment, you will receive the following – depending on the Pre-Index Assessment Package you select:

How Does it Work?
If you are interested to participate in the Pre-Index Assessment, the first step is to register below: 
We will then:
  • Send you a Non-Disclosure Agreement to sign, to reassure you of the confidentiality of the data that you share with us.
  • Send you a password-protected link to the online Pre-Index Assessment. (From January 2020)
  • Consolidate your results and send you the results in PPT format.
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How ready do you think your company is to participate in an India LGBT+ Inclusion Index with a public ranking of companies? *This question is required.
On completing this online Pre-Index Assessment exercise, would you like to engage Community Business for an India LGBT+ Debrief and Strategy Session? *This question is required.
Follow Up Consultancy
To maximise your participation in the Pre-Index Assessment, ensuring a strategic approach moving forward and a strong position for participation in a future India LGBT+ Inclusion Index, take advantage of our follow up consultancy, comprising:

Detailed Report
Community Business will compile a Detailed Report which not only summarises your performance, but provides recommendations, references examples of best practices and outlines a roadmap and action plan moving forward.

Debrief & Strategy Meeting
Community Business will meet with you and your key stakeholders for a 90-min Debrief & Strategy Meeting, with a focus on discussing the findings of your Detailed Report and advising you on your strategy moving forward.

LGBT+ Inclusion Workshops
In addition, Community Business will extend three complimentary tickets to your team to participate in our full day public LGBT+ Inclusion in the Workplace Workshop, specifically designed to position companies for success in a future Index.

To avail this opportunity and schedule the debrief meeting, please send an email confirmation to
Sandeep Nair -