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SDOT Rapid Ride J - 047-067-000 - website survey

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2. Would you like to be added to our project listserv?
3. Are you interested in learning more about and/or helping define the potential updates to Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) 8?
4. Do you have any comments on the proposed protected bicycle facilities on:
5. What kind of protective element between the bike and traffic lane would you like to see used for the protected bike lanes on Eastlake Ave E and 11th/12th Ave NE?
7. What neighborhood do you live in?
8. What neighborhood do you work in?
10. Are you willing to answer some demographic questions?
Demographic questions (optional)
11. What is your age?
11. Do you have any disabilities? (Check all that may apply)
11. What race/ethnicity best describes you?
11. What gender do you identify with?
11. What is your annual household income?