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Green Ribbon Schools 2020

Thank you for applying to be a Massachusetts Green Ribbon School in 2020!

We select honorees based on documentation of the applicant's high achievement in the three US Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools Pillars:
Pillar I: Reduce environmental impact and costs.
Pillar II: Improve the health and wellness of students and staff.
Pillar III: Provide effective environmental and sustainability education, incorporating STEM, civic skills and green career pathways.

Schools demonstrating exemplary achievement in all three Pillars will receive highest rankings. Please respond to the prompts below.
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Green Ribbon Schools Pillar 1: Reducing Environmental Impact
Improvements to K-12 school facilities save schools money, strengthen the nation’s energy security, and conserve natural resources.
Green Ribbon Schools Pillar 2: Improved Health and Wellness
Healthy school environments help students and educators remain healthy and strong.
Green Ribbon Schools Pillar 3: Effective Environmental and Sustainability Education
Incorporating environmental and sustainability concepts into your education program can create a community of green-minded citizens.