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Wilderness Navigation Equivalency Application - SEATTLE

Wilderness Navigation Equivalency - Seattle

Thanks for your interest in earning equivalency for Wilderness Navigation from the Seattle Navigation Committee. This application describes and starts the process of determining course equivalency.

Equivalency applicants are expected to have learned and demonstrated their navigational skills in unfamiliar off-trail field conditions, using the basic tools consisting of maps, compass, altimeter and GPS. They should be familiar with emergency beacon rescue systems.

Equivalency candidates will be required to demonstrate knowledge and skills including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Understanding declination
  • Use of a compass
  • Understanding map features such as UTM grid, contour lines, and scale
  • Determining location on a map using combinations of compass, altimeter, and terrain features
  • Understanding how to use a GPS-based device to find locations and routes, with the Gaia smartphone app as the current standard for instructional purposes
Steps in the Equivalency process:
  1. Fill out and submit this equivalency application.
  2. A Seattle Navigation Committee representative will get in touch with you to discuss your application.
  3. Join The Mountaineers, if not already a member.
  4. Instruct at the Seattle Branch Wilderness Navigation course, under the supervision of a Seattle Navigation Committee member or designee of such a committee.This includes both an evening workshop and an all-day field trip.
  5. You will be expected to review the course materials in advance of instruction, to become familiar with content and student expectations, and attend an instructor training session if requested to do so
  6. Once you have completed all the above steps to the satisfaction of the Seattle Navigation Committee, you will be awarded the Basic Navigation Course and Basic GPS Course badges on the Mountaineers website.
Note: While you do not have to currently be affiliated with the Seattle Branch of The Mountaineers in order to earn Wilderness Navigation equivalency through the Seattle Navigation Committee, you will be required to instruct for the Seattle Branch's Wilderness Navigation Course so that the committee's equivalency coordinators are able to appropriately evaluate your skills and knowledge.
Contact Information
This question requires a valid email address.
4. Are you a current Mountaineers member?
Granting equivalency will require that you set up a profile in our system so that you can sign our waiver and participate in activities with us. *This question is required.
8. Certification(s)
Do you hold a current certification or certifications of any kind relating to navigation or general mountaineering?
Navigation Experience: Tell us a little about your backcountry or other navigation experience.
Preparedness - Tell us more about your equipment.
11. Do you routinely use a GPS device or app, altimeter, or emergency location device?
Anything else?