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Code of Conduct Review - Survey

Code of Conduct Review Survey

Please respond to this survey with reference to the draft Code of Conduct document and associated documents sent to you by the Secretariat and also available on this page:

The questions below are designed to reference specific parts of the Code and associated documents. The documents on the link above contain 1) the draft Code of Conduct, 2) the draft Implementation Guidelines, 3) the draft Reporting Guidelines, 4) the draft Self-Assessment Template.

The Code of Conduct has been drafted to remain as concise as possible, with further explanation of what the requirements under the Code may mean in practice included in the Implementation Guidelines. The Vision and Objectives are designed to clarify the objectives of Bonsucro and emphasize Bonsucro's core principle of continuous improvement and respect for human rights.

The Reporting Guidelines have been included in a separate document so that they can be reviewed and revised on a more frequent basis without necessitating amendments to the Code. This is designed to allow for a gradual move towards greater reporting and transparency over time and in line with emerging best practice.

The online survey takes only about 15 minutes to be completed.

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