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October 2019 Monthly Mission Shortcut

Complete the mission shortcut between October 7, 2019 and November 3, 2019 to be entered to win a Go Pro HERO 7 Black!

Security is the responsibility of all IT staff. However, not everyone has the same amount of time or resources available to increase their networks’ security posture. Security Event Manager (SEM) is designed to be another pair of eyes, always on the lookout for suspicious behaviour, and can alert you when it finds potential threats. For this shortcut we’ll have you take the first step towards automating threat detection by setting up a log source in SEM.

Shortcut Steps:

  1. Download a free trial of Security Event Manager (or if you already use SEM you can skip this step, but be sure you’re on version 6.7 or higher)
  2. Navigate to “Nodes”
  3. Click on “Add agent node,” select the appropriate agent for local installation, and follow the instructions or read more here
  4. Once the server is connected, navigate to “Events” and take a screen shot of events coming in from the log source and post to the mission
    1. Please anonymize any sensitive data like machine name or user names