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2020 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Awards - Faculty Nomination Form


Please carefully review the following information before submitting a nomination:

The nominating faculty must provide the ISC member number of their University/School to submit this nomination form. Students and faculty must be affiliated with the same school.

If you are unable to locate the University/School member number, please visit the ISC FAQ page, email or call 609-689-1051, ext. 301 for assistance.
  • Nominees must be currently enrolled and working towards a BA, BFA, MFA or certificate from an established and reputable art school at the time of nomination.
  • Only educational institutions with current ISC University level memberships are eligible to submit student nominations.
  • Students are not eligible to nominate themselves for the competition.
    • This form must be filled out by a faculty member currently working for the school at which the student is enrolled.
  • Each University/School can only nominate a total of three (3) students, across all departments and degree levels (MFA and BFA*).
    • *MFA and BFA programs at the same school can only nominate a combined total of 3 students, even if the programs have two separate member numbers.
    • Nominations exceeding the three (3) allowable submissions will be disqualified.
  • Faculty should coordinate submission of the nomination form within their own department and with other departments that may have students creating sculptural works, before submitting this nomination form.
  • Schools with art programs at completely separate campuses may nominate three (3) students per campus.
    • Each campus must have a unique member number in order to submit nominations.
    • Example: University of Wisconsin, Madison vs. University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
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