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Innovation in GBS | Pinnacle Model™ Assessment


In an age in which sustainable advantage is increasingly transient, enterprises need to adapt endlessly – to the point of embedding innovation in their business DNA. Firms that fail to adapt to rapid technological advances, constantly evolving customer expectations, and intensifying global competition may find themselves unable to compete. Supporting the enterprise’s innovation agenda is no longer an opportunity for in-house Shared Services Centers (SSCs) – what we call Global Business Services (GBS); it’s fast becoming a competitive imperative. And, contrary to popular perception, cracking the innovation code requires much more than just novel ideas. This survey aims to assess what differentiated capabilities have the Pinnacle (or best-in-class) GBS organizations built to support enterprise’ innovation agenda, how are they enabling this transformation, and what outcomes have they delivered.

What’s in it for you?

You will learn how your peers – and the best of the best GBS organizations – are dealing with one of the most thorny issues of the day – driving the innovation agenda for the enterprise. We will share a complimentary summary analysis of our research.

Survey time and access

The survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete and should not require you to search out or collate any data; please simply use your best judgment in responding to the questions.

We anticipate that you will be able to complete the survey in one sitting, but if you are unable to do so, please click the “Save and continue later” at the top right of the survey screen. You will receive an email with a unique link to finish the survey. When you are ready to continue, you can click the link, and the survey will resume where you left off. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam/junk mailbox.

Confidentiality pledge

We value your input and are committed to the confidentiality of your responses. We will only use your responses for aggregated analyses and will not disclose your answers or your identity in any form to any individual/organization or publicly.

Please note: “Global In-house Centers (GICs)”, “Shared Services Centers (SSCs)”, “Global Capability Centers (GCCs)”, “Global Engineering Centers (GECs)”, “Captives”, and “Global Business Services (GBS)” are generally synonymous terms to describe entities that may reside in offshore/nearshore locations to provide services for the parent enterprise. We will use the term GIC to maintain consistency in this survey.