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Social Media Content Creators


Thank you for your interest in our study!  

Amplify Research Partners is looking for Men & Women, ages 18-64 to participate in a NATIONWIDE study for Social Media Content Creators. We are looking to speak to bloggers, vloggers, internet personalities, influencers, social media video editors, and social media creators.

These group discussions will last for 75-minutes and will take place ONLINE on either Wednesday, October 16th or Thursday, October 17th

As a thank you for your time and opinions, those who qualify and participate in this study in its entirety will be paid an honorarium of up to $250.

We are offering referral incentives of up to $50. If you know someone who works as any of the above, please share this link with them. Please be sure that they enter your name in the survey so we can keep track and incentivize you properly.

Or if you yourself are employed as any of these and are interested, please fill out our short online survey, and we will call you if your answers indicate you may fit the criteria for this study. On the phone, we will need to re-ask you these questions as well as get some additional information, so please be patient with us. We do work evenings and weekends. Please indicate on the last page of this survey the latest time you are able to receive calls.

We appreciate your time and look forward to having you participate soon! Thanks!