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Voting Ballot for the 2019 Audio Verse Awards


Welcome to your Ballot for the 2019 Audio Verse Awards!

This ballot is HUGE. There are 1,188 Nominees in 32 categories. 5 in each category will be our Winners.

You will be asked to rank as many nominees in each category as you would like. You only have to rank at least one nominee in each category.

However, the more nominees you rank, the more of an impact your vote will have in these awards.

We believe it will take an hour to rank all nominees. We recommend you use a desktop computer for your convenience.

YOU CAN SAVE YOUR PROGRESS! Click Save and Continue in the top right of the next pages and give your email to be sent a unique link allowing you to return where you left off. This is 

You may only vote in these awards once. You will receive an email with your responses after completing the survey. Additional ballots may result in your ballot being discarded as fraudulent.
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