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Let’s Discover Your Gene Expression

EndocannaHealth, Ethan Russo, MD and Associates are undertaking a research project to investigate the relationship of cannabis usage to various diseases.
If you are over 18 years of age, you may assist us in gathering data that may be helpful in screening patients for susceptibility to such diseases.
Those who successfully complete the following questionnaire may be eligible for free DNA testing using a painless oral swab.
You will remain anonymous throughout, and no one but you will have access to your confidential results.
It is estimated to take 7-10 minutes to complete.
Let’s begin!
Cannabis/CBD Use (Why are we asking this?)
It is important to understand how you have used cannabis and CBD products in the past.  This helps us understand your history of  dosage, along with consideration of your metabolic predisposition.
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If you qualify for a free DNA testing using a painless oral swab, how may we contact you?