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Jackson|Teton County - Community Questionnaire #2

Where Have We Been: An Introduction


Thank you for taking the community questionnaire! 

The purpose of this questionnaire is to provide you with information about the community's progress over the last seven years, by looking at trends and the public perception of how things are going (using our most recent community questionnaire), and to ask you to recommend policies, projects, or personal actions the community should consider to better meet the Vision and goals outlined in the Comprehensive Plan that was adopted in 2012.

Below, you will see general information about the Comprehensive Plan,  Vision, and the Growth Management Program. The questionnaire will begin on the next page. Please review this information as it provides valuable background information and context for the questionnaire.

If you're interested in watching a presentation related to the material covered in this exercise, one can be viewed below. 

10 Minute Informational Presentation

This graphic is just one more way of depicting the Growth Management Plan (GMP). The Growth Management Program is that adaptive
management program – it ensures that with a certain amount of growth, we will confirm that growth is happening in the right location and is of the desired type. If satisfied, implementation will continue. If not, we will adapt. In this case, adapting takes the form of corrective actions and incorporating them into an update of the Comprehensive Plan.
The following Report Card summarizes how we performed relative to the goal in each Comprehensive Plan Section. The Report Card has two parts, Trends and Public Perception. 

Trends: The trends column uses the best available data, mostly from the indicator reports, to look at the path the community was on prior to Plan adoption and what has happened since plan adoption. However, not every part of every goal has directly measurable data trends, and the trends are generalized into high level grades. The Report includes:
Colored Dots = Point-in-time-status grades for 2007, 2012, and Today:
Colored Lines = Trend line grades between each time period:
Minimal Change
Public Perception: The public perception column summarizes the public sentiment from the Comprehensive Plan audit, interviews, and polling conducted in August and September.
The public perception colors mean the same thing as the status dot colors, but may differ from the status dot color where public perception varies from the conclusion of the trend analysis.
Consider this scatter plot as an alternative to the report cart, comparing the trends with the community perception. Trends are represented by their location on the vertical axis (On Track/Off Track) and the public perception is shown on the horizontal axis (sense of success/work to do).