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2020 U.S. Department of State & Environmental Protection Agency Fellowship Opportunity

The U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are seeking candidates for a year-long fellowship starting in the winter 2020.  This is the fourth year of this fellowship, which is a vital component in EPA and State's joint international air quality monitoring program. 

Ideal candidates have monitoring expertise, knowledge of air quality standards, data analysis ability, understand the importance and impact of PM 2.5, experience with communications and health campaigns, and/or air pollution policy experience. (The application period is on a rolling basis until February 28; matching with posts will be completed in late February.)

The fellows will volunteer for one year of collaborative technical and/or policy support.  Participating US embassies or consulates may already have air quality monitors or they may request your help in investigating whether to get one, or evaluate how else they can support the local government or NGOs in work on air quality.  New this year - instead of a 1:1 partnership with an embassy, some Fellows may be assigned to multiple projects with one or many embassies or offices to maximize use of their expertise.

The fellow is expected to provide 10-20 hours of virtual support monthly to their embassy, consulate, or project.  Please note that this fellowship is unpaid and that fellows must be U.S. citizens.  There may be opportunities for paid overseas travel to visit the program, collaborate with the host foreign government, and provide training to US staff and other entities. Please send any questions to with "Fellowship" as the subject line.