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Survey on Proposed ATS Commission Standards and Policies

Survey on Proposed ATS Commission Standards and Policies
Would you please take a few minutes (5-15) to respond to the following 12 questions regarding the proposed Standards (text only version and annotated version) and the proposed Policies (annotated version)?  In June 2018, the ATS Commission membership unanimously approved a motion to authorize the ATS Board of Commissioners to recommend to the membership a new set of these documents. A 19-member task force has been working with the Board since then to do so, with a membership vote scheduled at the June 2020 Biennial meeting.

During the first year of this two-year process, the task force engaged more than 700 ATS participants from nearly 200 ATS schools in more than fifty focus groups and a dozen working groups. The task force also utilized input from the four-year ATS Educational Models and Practices Project that engaged more than 95% of the membership.

During this second year (2019-2020), the task force developed and recommended an initial draft of new Standards and Policies that the Board of Commissioners
made public in early December 2019. A second public draft was released on February 10, which is the version linked above. A third and final draft will be released in early May 2020. More about the redevelopment process can be found at the ATS redevelopment page.  We welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions in this survey (and/or by emailing

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