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Florida Workforce - Talent Skills Gap

The Florida Chamber Foundation is focused on growing Florida from the 17th largest economy on the planet to the 10th by 2030. To this end, Governor DeSantis, the Legislature and the Florida Chamber Foundation are working to ensure Florida becomes number one in the nation for workforce education. With more than 1.5 million jobs that need to be created in Florida by 2030, we need your help to clarify evolving workforce needs, pathways, and expected training needs.  Please complete the survey below.  
1. Over the next year, do you expect to hire new employees in Florida? 
3. How disruptive do you think changes in core technologies, workforce generational shifts, or artificial intelligence will be for your business over the next 10 years?
5. How concerned are you about the lack of key skills (employability skills, soft skills, digital skills) as a threat to your business?
6. Is your organization currently engaged in any public-private partnerships regarding workforce training or skills development including partnerships with local universities, community/state colleges, technical centers/colleges? 
8. Is your company currently investing in digital (online/virtual) training?
9. Does your company provide tuition reimbursement for re-skilling workers?